Holidays, Courses and Workshops 2017 (details below)


For those who wish to `stay at home`, I shall once again be running weekend courses at Missenden Abbey in Bucks – more new courses are constantly being added.

If you would like to venture a little further afield for a unique painting holiday and have your creative juices flow freely; your visual senses and tastebuds blown away, then book early for this stunning location at Manzac, in the Midi Pyrenees, to ensure you have a place at this unique corner of SW France.

Also, a places at a new venue at the North Norfolk Arts Centre are filling up, but with enough spaces to make it worth while looking. I hope I can tempt you to join me on one of these highly charged creative courses…………!

My workshops and painting holidays (listed below for the forthcoming period) are a very important part of my own personal development too – I see them as a two-way process, and get to meet a lot of very interesting and creative people in the process, which I find to be totally enriching.

I am looking to do more demonstrations and talks around the UK in the future, so if you know of an art group, establishment or club who may be interested, do contact me.

One of my titles would be: “Following a creative path – my life as an artist” An illustrated talk (which could be followed by a one-day watercolour workshop – optional).

Private Tuition Available on request.


Jackie in the Sunflowers



Why not join Jackie for one (or more) of the following courses


17 - 19 March 2017

Take risks with loose bold watercolour.

Splatter and spread your watercolour ideas along with me, as we experiment with different paper surfaces, unusual and daring colour mixes, learning how to gauge the effects of more or less water, and even actively encouraging paint to ‘fall off the page’ with exciting compositions.

For all levels of experience.


5 – 7 May 2017 

Watercolour Innovations.

See what happens when you step outside your personal comfort zone! Re-discover the inner child as we take the plunge into deep water with stunning colours and ideas not usually associated with ‘watercolour painting’. We shall be pushing and stretching ideas as we go, and deliberately aiming at discovering rescue remedies along the way.

For all levels of experience.



Manzac, Midi Pyrenees


9 - 16 October 2017

This will be my fourth year at this amazing location.
If you want to join me for a unique painting holiday and have your creative juices flow freely; your visual senses and tastebuds to be blown away, then book early to ensure you have a place at this unique corner of SW France.


The Correspondence Programme………with a difference!

`Drawn Together –
The Jackie Devereux Sketch and Draw programme©`

This Correspondence Programme has a `cutting edge` in as much as Jackie`s experience in teaching adults spans well over the last  thirty years both in colleges and `in the field`. She has been exhibiting her award winning paintings and drawings non-stop since the early `70`s and she travels the world with her sketchbooks in hand, actively encouraging and teaching people how recognize their own creativity through drawing and painting. Jackie has also run her own studio and painting holidays for many years, and typical of the many testimonials Jackie receives is “I have learnt more in one session with Jackie than I have ever thought possible!”

Throughout the correspondence programme Jackie`s written explanations backed up with visuals are easy to comprehend and execute – not by copying, but by learning to look and see. Above all, the exercises are designed to open up a visual awareness of the world around you and will enable you to learn how to interpret what you see and feel in an individual way.

The correspondence programme has four major parts, each consisting of eight modules, each one of which can be either self-assessed or sent to me for comment and guidance. The beauty of a correspondence course is that you can work at your own pace, in your own home environment and with no pressure, and yet with a great deal of support and encouragement through the personal attention each participant and assignment will receive. 

The cost  are discounted if paid in full at the outset and you can take advantage of the
to give you a taste of what is to come.

 If you would like to know more, contact Jackie Devereux direct.



Jackie is experienced in handling mixed-ability groups, with adequate time devoted to individual needs including one-to-one tuition within the group activity. Jackie`s experience spans many years working with small and large groups - she is equally at home taking beginners through the rudiments of each discipline as encouraging more experienced painters through to another level of creativity.

She will expertly guide without inflicting her own style, and at the same time will generously share her experiences as a full-time painter and qualified adult tutor.



Jackie also runs regular one and two-day workshops throughout the year and is willing to visit clubs and societies, in the UK or France, by arrangement, to run tailor-made workshops to suit the environment and number of people attending.

Jackie is also willing to give demonstrations and slide presentations on request.

Jackie Devereux is President of the 'Society of Graphic Fine Art' in London, and through her work she actively encourages people to learn to look and see as an artist, and to draw and paint imaginatively.


Feel free to contact Jackie to discuss your requirements without obligation

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