Holidays, Courses and Workshops 2018


For those who wish to `stay at home`, I shall once again be running weekend courses at Missenden Abbey in Bucks – more new courses are constantly being added.


6-8 August – “Go wild and loose on this pure watercolour journey”……….
A course designed to encourage your creativity to surface – an experimental workshop for all levels, discovering the wealth of flexibility with this exciting pure medium.

13-15 August – “Drizzle and splash with watercolour, ink, collage and print”
This 3-day workshop is intended to take you to wild places – experimenting with watercolour with ink, reveling in the happy accidents and any surprises which may occur!

(Details at: missenden abbey school of creative arts)

 If you belong to an art group and would like me to demonstrate, talk and/or run a workshop, do get in touch……….”have brush will travel”


Jackie in the Sunflowers




21/22/23 September 2018

DRIZZLE, BLOT, PRINT AND STICK – An extreme watercolour workout………!

Even if you have been before, we shall be taking Watercolour and Inks to another dimension, quietly creating exciting and dynamic compositions. Stretch your ideas and gain experience by experimenting with colour mixing and a variety of paper surfaces. We shall create the illusion of depth and texture, as well as taking ourselves beyond our personal comfort zones.

So if you are looking for a way to express yourself in a contemporary and expressive way, this three day workshop should encourage your own ideas to grow. Bring an open mind along with your materials. If you keep a sketchbook with your ideas, then bring it along.

Aimed at all levels of experience,


SUGGESTED BRUSHES (my favourites):
(I have a personal preference for Squirrel hair brushes, which are less costly than Sable)
This is NOT a shopping list
but suggestions. I shall have all of these by my side, and you will be welcome to try them out before investing in them.

Large Filbert
Medium-large Squirrel Mop
  (otherwise known as a ‘quill’)
Large Sword Liner
Medium Flat brush
Magic Sponge
Permanent Indian Ink
Palette and tube colours (or
Pan colours if you have them)
2 Water jars
Kitchen roll
Water ‘spritzer’
Paper of your choice –
  (I generally use 300gsm = 140lb)

Also, if you have some old scraps of lace, textured material such as netting, anything in fact that would give an impression, please bring it along………all will be revealed! I shall also have some dip pens, sharpened sticks, ink and glue, acetate and a craft knife or two, so don’t worry about totally equiping yourself!


Bath Summer School

(their books are open for bookings already if you want to be sure of a place)

5 days: 8-12 July 2019

"Go wild and loose on this watercolour journey" 
Explore transparent colours whilst we focus on developing and interpreting still life with flowers, taking a contemporary twist. Discover the joys of creative mark making. We shall develop through experimental play, fine-tuning brushwork and the power of colour in composition. 




Jackie is experienced in handling mixed-ability groups, with adequate time devoted to individual needs including one-to-one tuition within the group activity. Jackie`s experience spans many years working with small and large groups - she is equally at home taking beginners through the rudiments of each discipline as encouraging more experienced painters through to another level of creativity.

She will expertly guide without inflicting her own style, and at the same time will generously share her experiences as a full-time painter and qualified adult tutor.



Jackie also runs regular one and two-day workshops throughout the year and is willing to visit clubs and societies, in the UK or France, by arrangement, to run tailor-made workshops to suit the environment and number of people attending.

Jackie is also willing to give demonstrations and slide presentations on request.

Jackie Devereux is President of the 'Society of Graphic Fine Art' in London, and through her work she actively encourages people to learn to look and see as an artist, and to draw and paint imaginatively.


Feel free to contact Jackie to discuss your requirements without obligation

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