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Following a full-on year of non-stop workshops and exhibitions throughout 2017, including my usual French painting holiday with Manzac in the Pyrenees then a trip to Jersey to the Jersey Art Group, this year looks no quieter. Fortunately for me, I enjoy visiting new places and re-visiting groups when invited, juggling my calendar between these activities and exhibiting my new works. I never tire of any of these things, which I regard as a very important part of my personal development – I see it all as a two-way process, getting to meet a lot of very interesting and creative people in the process is totally enriching.



The Exhibition of recent work by some members of the Society of Graphic Fine Art got off to a good start last Thursday at the Private View. In the words of the John Bernasconi, Director of the Hull University Collection, "the space justifies the work, and the work justifies the space". 

The exhibition which I was instrumental in organising along with the University team, on behalf of 35 of the Society's Members showcases recent works in a beautiful environment. The show continues until 19 August and is open 10 - 5pm daily. (For more information email culture@hull.ac.uk). For more images visit www.sgfa.org.uk 

Feedback has been amazing, with many people speaking of the 'WOW Factor' and that it is 'the best exhibition we've seen for a long time'........



Menier Gallery, Southwark, London 1 – 13 October
With the Society of Graphic Fine Art – Annual Open Exhibition ‘Draw 18’

Passiflora’s in Crowland, near Peterborough, a rolling show of small works throughout the year. I shall be demonstrating here during Peterborough Open Studio’s (PAOS) 24 and 30 June, and 7 July.



St Paul's from South Bank, 70x70cm 3D ink/watercolour

My work is constantly evolving and these exhibitions showcases some of my new 3D works on paper – the direction each piece takes depending upon many things. My library of sketchbooks provides the backbone for my work, although perversely the less information the sketches contain, the greater the freedom for development.

The end result may be quite minimalist, although the exploration of an idea can take quite some time. The thought process, experimenting with tools and materials and repeat exercises, are all part of the journey. Usually there is no definitive plan – no set structured or imagined end – it is an organic process. In this particular series I have actively encouraged my images to ‘break out’ from formal constraints and once completed, they continue to evolve beyond my control with the passage of time. Light and the shadows created by the three dimensional effects, form ethereal drawn lines quite independent of me.





3D Line & wash collage


Venice under reconstruction
3D Line & Wash

 Boxed Melon
3D Watercolour line & wash,




About the Society of Graphic Fine Art

The Society was founded in 1919 with origins in the etching class of the London Central School of Arts and Crafts.
Responding to the rise of Modernism, it was founded to proclaim the value of good draughtsmanship.

The inaugural exhibition was held in 1921 and the Society gained general recognition when Sir Frank Branwyn became the first President. Today it is a national Society with over 100 elected members all over the UK. They are professional artists from all areas of the art world and the Society remains proudly unique in promoting the work of
artists who encompass a wealth of traditional and modern drawing skills.

The events calendar culminates in an Open Exhibition that celebrates the drawing skills of both members and selected non-members. The Society exists to promote fine drawing skills whether with brush, pen, charcoal, conte or any of the forms of original printmaking.




2009 - SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art) Menier Gallery, London

2010- SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art) Menier Gallery, London

2011 - Solo show at Galerie Expo Gare, Lamalou-les-Bains, Languedoc, France

2012- SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art) Menier Gallery, London

2014 SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art) 'Hand drawn 14', Barbican Library, London


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