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Having now retired after five exciting and fulfilling years as President of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, I am enjoying a period of relative calm! Heading this prestigious National Society has been such a fulfilling and interesting period in my life, and of course my involvement is less for the moment, but nonetheless busy and interesting. Working alongside such amazing talent has been an absolute pleasure, and I intend to continue my involvement well into the future.

Now, as an Honorary Member I have taken on the Stewardship for the AGBI (Artists’ General Benevolent Institute – formed by J.M.W. Turner some 200 years ago and attached to the Royal Academy in London). The Fund assists professional artists in their hour of need, through ill health, and it is a pleasure to be formerly involved as fundraiser on behalf of the SGFA.

As a Society which concentrates on Drawing as a basis of our art, the SGFA is celebrating its Centenary this year, and part of the celebrations has been the planning and fruition of seven exhibitions this year – three in Central London and four in various corners of England. It was always my intention, together with my colleagues on Council, to take the Society around the country, and this has been happening and the involvement of the membership has been phenomenal. Launching a beautiful fully illustrated limited edition hardback book featuring over 100 current Members was a wonderful project and fitting end to my Presidency.
My work continues its journey – experimental in nature, pushing boundaries and on the cusp of abstract -


My book `A Private View… artist`s world` by Jacaranda Publishing ( is proving popular, and especially the `Limited Edition` copies, which is a great thrill – especially creating an individual small intimate sketch for each copy that is ordered.

Hardback copy reduced from £25 to £20 + P & P, Limited Edition copy £99 + P & P.


Meanwhile, as always, surrounded by paintings and paperwork, life ticks on and now based in South Lincolnshire, I am still willing to travel………

As mentioned, I am available for demonstrations, workshops and illustrated talks to Clubs and Art Groups and can be contacted on


My thanks to sponsors, St Cuthberts Mill and Rosemary Brushes, this year at 'Art in Action'.

'The Artist' magazine

Writing for the magazine, 'The Artist', is always an interesting challenge, as it makes me sit and analyse my work, approach and direction, which is no bad thing and an extension to running a course really.


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