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Following a full-on year of non-stop workshops and exhibitions throughout 2017, including my usual French painting holiday at Manzac in the Pyrenees, then a trip to Jersey to the Jersey Art Group. This year looks no quieter. Fortunately for me, I enjoy visiting new places and re-visiting groups when invited; juggling my calendar between these activities and exhibiting my new works. I never tire of any of these things, which I regard as a very important part of my personal development – I see it all as a two-way process, getting to meet a lot of very interesting and creative people in the process is totally enriching.

My book `A Private View… artist`s world` by Jacaranda Publishing ( is proving popular, and especially the `Limited Edition` copies, which is a great thrill – especially creating an individual small intimate sketch for each copy that is ordered.

Hardback copy reduced from £25 to £20 + P & P, Limited Edition copy £99 + P & P.


Meanwhile, as always, surrounded by paintings and paperwork, life ticks on and now based in South Lincolnshire, I am still willing to travel………

As mentioned, I am available for demonstrations, workshops and illustrated talks to Clubs and Art Groups and can be contacted on

My thanks to sponsors, St Cuthberts Mill and Rosemary Brushes, this year at 'Art in Action'.


Chateau Portraits works well for me with a steady stream of commissions, which is a challenge I enjoy – and as a by-product to this, I produce hand-finished personalized greeting cards, to order, of the house paintings I complete. Contact me if you would like to commission an original and individual painting of your own home.

'The Artist' magazine

Writing for the magazine, 'The Artist', is always an interesting challenge, as it makes me sit and analyse my work, approach and direction, which is no bad thing and an extension to running a course really.


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