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April 2021

”Poem Part 2; future hopes, and projects”

A while back, I was privileged to be asked by published author and poet, Stephen Cartmell, to illustrate a poem he had been working on. Here is the second of eight installments of this poem, together with some of the illustrations. Watch out for more every couple of weeks within this Blog page.

Aimed at all ages from five to ninety-five – read aloud for maximum effect – we both hope you enjoy them.
A feeling of anticipation is in the air – but does it carry a little anxiety on the wind?

In my book no, – just hopes that on the one hand the breeze will carry with it the opening of galleries and events which have been on hold for oh too long, and at the same time that it carries away any hint of a germ so that we may be able to take our naked faces out into the wider world.

I managed to dip my toe into the world of virtual workshops, and with two now tucked safely under my belt, I’m looking forward to the next. Not that I feel this will in any way shape or form a take over from the actual world.

Working in person with groups, attending exhibitions in person and actually braving the train……..will be veritable highlights to look forward to later this year.

Meanwhile, I continue to create new work which may well hit the fan at some stage, and a burst of energy grabbed me this week whilst chatting to my nearly sixteen year old Grandson who is planning a bedroom makeover. What has this to do with me, you may ask. Well I love painting on anything and everything, and my job apparently will be to help with the walls – dark grey of course – actually I love it.

So I thought I would take an A1 piece of watercolour paper into the garden out of harms way; drizzle water on it from a great height (a ladder), and swiftly follow that with splashes of Indian ink - from the same height to create maximum spread.

The idea is to attempt to grab Nathan’s attention away from the computer screen for a few seconds every now and again! I may add one 'spot' colour – yet to be decided – and just see what happens. It will not be intended to represent anything, and yet hopefully it will be able to be read anyway.

It will either work or not, but worth the energy, but not until it is warm enough for me to test the water and venture outside with another plan other than thinking about cutting the grass. I hasten to add I would not attempt this indoors…………

Now back to something completely different, here is another illustration or two accompanying another chapter from the poem “War of Words and Worse” by Stephen Cartmell, which I started posting last month.


                                   Jackie Devereux
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The Fight on the Water
By Stephen Cartmell

They had a sea battle first,
As the water was calm,
And the ships were all tidy and trim,
Sailors wore water wings,
And inflatable rings,
Or just flippers – for those who could swim.

Once they’d gathered their boats,
And sailed out to sea,
They stretched out a taut piece of string.
It was miles and miles long,
Thin, but quite strong,
And made in a place called Peking.

They found a fat referee,
(To make sure of fair play)
Who declared, with a big booming voice,
“When the string’s cut in two,
And you’ve all been to the loo,
You may fire at a time of your choice”.

The guns were so loud,
The smoke black and thick,
As if someone had turned out the light.
But nobody cheered,
When the gloom disappeared,
As there wasn’t a ship left in sight.

But the sailors were saved,
By their flippers and wings,
As they bobbed up and down on the sea,
When they swam to the land,
Some played in the sand,
But the rest hurried home for their tea.

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