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June 2022

"Ever tried mixing ink into watercolour....."

 A very stimulating couple of mini workshops this month under the umbrella of Handmade Oxford, on the amazing familiar site of the Art in Action in Oxfordshire, where I was introducing people to the exciting, precarious and wonderful way Indian Ink reacts and works with pure watercolour.

Lots of delicious wet into wet, yielding some fabulous results, I definitely sent away around 20 ‘loose women’ to continue to develop their own ideas In this medium.

Have you ever placed a pen nib fully loaded with Indian ink onto a patch of wet watercolour? Try it.......and try again. The ink just swims along into the watercolour breaking up as it flows - with a bit of luck.

In fact at Summer School 2022 with Missenden Abbey in Gt.Missenden nr Aylesbury, Bucks there will be two, separate, three-day courses, each looking at wicked ways with ink and watercolour.

These courses can be residential or not, and I am planning an ever more exciting experience for all-comers.

We have good studio space with walled garden, good food and comfortable accommodation, so why not join me on this extravaganza.

From floral to architecture to landscape and more........

For more information on courses and booking go to.....
missenden school of creative arts

In any event, have fun - work outside if you are really messy!

Jackie Devereux

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