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artist's blog - June 2020 archive

June 2020

“One of the most common questions I have been asked during ‘lock-down’ is how I’m coping being at home all the time.

Well, nothing much has changed really, other than not being able to just choose when and where to go out! I spend most of my time in the studio anyhow and my routine is much the same.

All that is different is there is no pressure or deadlines to work to, and after three months, this has become the new norm for me and it’s actually quite nice.

The first thing I did though was to have my website mothballed and re-designed, and as a result I hope you enjoy wandering through my more recent work as well as earlier works. My web designer has been nagging me forever and it’s been a great journey!

With all galleries closed and exhibitions postponed, this has meant that the house is now a bit more crowded with framed work coming home to roost. The planning, transporting and cataloguing that usually forms part of my routine is on hold, and excess energy has been given over to the garden instead.

Last year I had work on show constantly somewhere in England, and I hadn’t realized until now how much time and energy this all takes. I miss running my workshops, meeting groups of artists and bouncing around ideas, but this will return, and with time ‘in my head’ I am continuing to explore ideas and new methods and am loving it.

More new workshops and courses will be created as a result so that’s a result.

As always, I find that one idea naturally leads to another and another, and I do find that no matter how insignificant an idea may appear, I use it as a springboard for something else……..and this will feature strongly in my forthcoming workshops.

I shall update this B L O G regularly with forthcoming events and exhibitions as and when I have them confirmed, so watch this space…….. ˮ

                                   Jackie Devereux
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