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artist's blog - october 2020 archive
October 2020

”Virtual exhibitions and prizes.”

"As a full member of the SEAW (Society of East Anglian Watercolourists) I am currently showing five recent watercolours in their open exhibition which runs from 23 October through to 6 December 2020. I'm happy to say that "Bowl of Cherries - my favourite things" (see image) has been awarded the Daniel Smith prize for 'Innovative use of watercolour' which I am thrilled to receive for the second time with this Society.

An interview with Jackie discussing her painting "Bowl of Cherries" and it how it was painted, is available here.

You can visit the exhibition here:

SEAW Exhibition

Lloyd's Autumn Open Exhibition - opening ONLINE on 30 November through to 5 December 2020 is also showing several of my recent works. See image "Across the Lake - Low cloud II" 3D Watercolour and more online.

Visit the exhibition (from 30th November)

                                   Jackie Devereux
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