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February 2022

"Symbols and small formats..."

Porcelain jug and origami Crane........a symbol of peace. Watercolour, 26cm/sq.

Some years ago I made this origami Crane - under the instruction of a young Japanese student - it took 52 folds with precision.

The Crane has since travelled far and wide with me without any visible signs of fatigue.......The young man had started learning the art of origami at age 3, and confessed he was still learning the craft. His concentration on each fold and crease, perfected over a number of years and shared with me, was an unforgettable experience.

I don’t suppose I shall ever make another, but it has become for me a precious object, and as such I decided to incorporate it as a component part in a small watercolour composition. Other elements in the composition are an equally delicate hand formed porcelain jug which bears a hairline firing crack indiscernible to the naked eye; some imagined paper bunting floating through delicate twigs above the jug, and a paper doylie.

The latter questions the reality of the scene - each element appearing to be delicately and impossibly balanced. But of course it doesn’t exist other than in my imagination - my take on a sort of reality - I prefer that to the real worldl reality at the moment!

Creating compositions like this, which on the surface appear so simple and minimalist, are anything but.

The thought process is like laying down the foundations, but which are not set in stone. I make predatory sketches enjoy the fact that I can manoeuvre elements if I wish, and re-jig the boundaries at will. I always work on a larger sheet of paper and juggle the space at will. This way I am not locking myself in.

I begin with a format and approximate size in mind, but am not too worried if this all changes, sometimes quite radically.

Quite exceptionally I am working on a series with a fairly small format and am enjoying the change from my usual large spatial compositions.

It hasn’t been an easy transition, but one which I am beginning to get to grips with.

For this series too I have altered the presentation to white, deep cut, mounts, set in lovely simple solid oak frames, finished with a lime wax polish which adds enormously to the look.

Join me next month for more new ideas, and take a look at my schedule of exhibitions and courses which have just been released. I hope you enjoy your creative journey as much as I do

Jackie Devereux


Missenden Abbey, Spring & Summer 2022 see .....
I’ll be there running both Ink + Watercolour and pure Watercolour courses as detailed below.

22-24 April 2022
Experimental Lino and Monoprinting weekend

Incorporating collage and working with a variety of exquisite papers, blending traditional methods with exciting contemporary ideas. Suitable for people with a little prior experience. It’s not all about paint, and paper isn’t just the vehicle for it. Find out more on this very exciting and creative workshop.

20-22 May 2022

Composition, composition, composition……..Working with pure unadulterated watercolour, we shall explore some intriguing methods which would make the early Victorians’ hair curl! We shall be dipping more than just a toe into this tantalizing medium – taking unnecessary risks and reaping the rewards together as a result.

10-12 June 2022

Small format, strong contemporary ink and watercolour works on paper……….
A workshop full of surprises…..let’s be brave with these liquid challenges. We shall look beyond the norm as we take the plunge with watercolour enhanced with ink. A thoroughly modern take transcending preconceived ideas as we step boldly into a world of minimalist ideas, whilst manipulating paper and subject matter.
Not for the faint hearted!

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