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November 2021

"Times flies..."

I'm trying to find out how to slow the clock down just a tad, as it seems just yesterday that I was sitting here writing my last edition.....hey ho, I don't suppose I'll ever catch up.

However, I am fortunate as with such a lot going on small wonder time flies.

Hoping as we all are I imagine, that we are not all told to batten down the hatches yet again, I am pressing on regardless, in the desperate hope that galleries will remain open, exhibitions run as planned, and that people will go out and about enjoying life as we head full on to Christmas.

I am eagerly awaiting collection of yet more new frames for my latest works, as it isn't until framed that the work actually takes on a life and can begin to travel. I am constantly fine tuning my presentation in terms of mounting work differently, shifting from traditional to an even more contemporary style on all fronts.

I am currently exploring still life incorporating not only my collection of jugs and potty pots, but also sketches made whilst travelling - the pot/vessel having been such a milestone in our history going way way back. I have some in my collection which stand wonderfully proud and slightly wonky and often cracked - I like to think they have 'attitude' and it is this that has captured my imagination for moving forward.

One of the pictures on the left is a detail of a hand formed and hand painted porcelain jug (one of two) which I am exploring, adapting and basically playing around with. They have a story to tell and I'm enjoying the interchange.

A couple of new deadlines have popped up - soon to be back in the beautiful contemporary Mandells Gallery, Norwich for their New Year show, and the wonderful Watts Gallery, Guildford, Surrey in the Spring. These are both amazing locations and well known galleries and it is exciting to be able to showcase new work in these settings.

Full details and dates to follow in my December Blog, so watch this space.

Meantime, batting Christmas preparations out of the way, I'm off to the studio TO PAINT!


Jackie Devereux


Missenden Abbey – AUTUMN 2020 Through to Spring 2022 see .....
I’ll be there running both Ink+Watercolour and pure Watercolour courses as detailed below.

25-27 February 2022

Experimental Lino and mono printing workshop.
Incorporating collage, and working with a variety of exquisite papers, blending tradition with exciting contemporary ideas.

25-27 March 2022

Ink and watercolour know no bounds………An energetic stroll into abstract on this workshop. Feel the excitement brew as the unexpected creeps over the paper, whilst we develop ideas through creative play and experimentation.

22-24 April 2022

Contemporary works on paper………Oh the joys of creating contemporary works – with ink and watercolour – join me on a journey with a difference. It’s not all about paint, and paper isn’t just the vehicle for it. Find out more on this very exciting and creative workshop.

20-22 May 2022

Composition, composition, composition……..Working with pure unadulterated watercolour, we shall explore some intriguing methods which would make the early Victorians’ hair curl! We shall be dipping more than just a toe into this tantalizing medium – taking unnecessary risks and reaping the rewards together as a result.

10-12 June 2022

Small format, strong contemporary ink and watercolour works on paper……….
A workshop full of surprises…..let’s be brave with these liquid challenges. We shall look beyond the norm as we take the plunge with watercolour enhanced with ink. A thoroughly modern take transcending preconceived ideas as we step boldly into a world of minimalist ideas, whilst manipulating paper and subject matter.
Not for the faint hearted!

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