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December 2021

"A sculptured Kimono..."

Now that the silly season is well out of the way, my attention to future events has clicked back into motion.

A huge clear out in the studio prompted another look at something sculptural, and I found a few pieces of already torn watercolour paper, and as paper is my obvious 'go to' material, I was in business.

With a 2" brush and plenty of juicy colours ready and waiting, I decided on a bold approach with minimalist intent.

Whilst making some sweeping brush strokes dipping in from colour to colour without rinsing off, the gentle blends were encouraging me to keep going, and then along came the trusty black Indian ink.

The watercolour was in some places still slightly damp and as a consequence I knew there would be some blurred edges as well as some sharp linear content occurring. It began as just abstract mark making, but once totally dry, with some manipulation, rolling gently in my hands, rather than suggesting a jug shape, it rapidly turned into the beginnings of a Kimono.

I decided to paint the reverse side on this piece just to add something more challenging. My goal is always to produce something free standing, and any additional elements should flow naturally without the aid of glue.

Experience has told me that this is a lengthy process and a tricky one, but as this one progressed it became more and more exciting.

The suggestion of 'sleeves' came out of the blue and more torn pieces of paper were pleated very carefully, and some more colour was added. I did add a decorative element too in the shape of rolled paper beads, threaded with linen and sewn onto the Kimono to give it more stability. To add movement I created a slightly wonky cone shape to the floor and strategically cut some triangular 'slots' to enable the Kimono to slip into position so adding stability and height.

The intention with these unique pieces is that they can be viewed satisfactorily from all angles once placed on a free standing plinth, and the polished acrylic display box is the final addition to the work.

Standing 40cm high it has its own presence and this one will be shown in The Watts Gallery ,Guildford, Surrey, in the Spring.

Another take on this is well under way and will have a totally different look.

Technical information.......I find that a good quality watercolour paper, 300gsm works best for me, and once the first painting stage is complete, it is left to dry before damping down and rolling. This sets the shape and begins to harden the paper.

By investing in acrylic display boxes these items are both protected from dust and other elements and they look good as though an exhibition a museum.


Jackie Devereux


Missenden Abbey, Spring & Summer 2022 see .....
I’ll be there running both Ink + Watercolour and pure Watercolour courses as detailed below.

25-27 February 2022

Experimental Lino and mono printing workshop.
Incorporating collage, and working with a variety of exquisite papers, blending tradition with exciting contemporary ideas.

25-27 March 2022

Ink and watercolour know no bounds………An energetic stroll into abstract on this workshop. Feel the excitement brew as the unexpected creeps over the paper, whilst we develop ideas through creative play and experimentation.

22-24 April 2022

Contemporary works on paper………Oh the joys of creating contemporary works – with ink and watercolour – join me on a journey with a difference. It’s not all about paint, and paper isn’t just the vehicle for it. Find out more on this very exciting and creative workshop.

20-22 May 2022

Composition, composition, composition……..Working with pure unadulterated watercolour, we shall explore some intriguing methods which would make the early Victorians’ hair curl! We shall be dipping more than just a toe into this tantalizing medium – taking unnecessary risks and reaping the rewards together as a result.

10-12 June 2022

Small format, strong contemporary ink and watercolour works on paper……….
A workshop full of surprises…..let’s be brave with these liquid challenges. We shall look beyond the norm as we take the plunge with watercolour enhanced with ink. A thoroughly modern take transcending preconceived ideas as we step boldly into a world of minimalist ideas, whilst manipulating paper and subject matter.
Not for the faint hearted!

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