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June 2021

”Poem Part 3; 'ink pouring' and more...

Well where did the month of May evaporate to? I can’t even begin to imagine, but as mentioned in my last Blog in April, here is an ‘ink pouring’ – the sort of thing best done outside if you intend to experiment, and have plenty of newsprint and kitchen roll on standby.

This was completed in seconds using Indian Ink, I was only tempted to tease out a few miniscule tree trunks for effect. Now the plan is to frame it but I remain undecided as to my approach. More on that next time.

I can’t wait to get back ‘on the road’ so to speak, visiting groups for workshops and demo’s – the Zoom experience has been interesting, but I must say I find it a tad sterile, although it has enabled a certain kind of togetherness so I’m not knocking it.

Now I am still attempting to fathom how it is that, when I finally decided to take to the road recently to actually visit an exhibition in Norfolk in the Gallery Holt, every man and his wife was also in transit. That’s fine, but it just seemed to take longer to get anywhere, quite apart from the roadworks which surely could have been done during lockdown, but no, a really hot day in June was obviously far more desirable.

Hey ho…….the exhibition with the IEA - Institute of East Anglian Artists - was very well attended and a huge success and I was happy to be exhibiting with them. (See inset – ‘Low Cloud’, 3D watercolour/montage).

Now, it’s all systems go for the SGFA – Society of Graphic Fine Art exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London – 5-10 July, and framing is well under way. It seems light years away since we were at the planning stage – then the cancellation stage – then again the planning. Fingers crossed there will be no nasty surprises - like another postponement.

At the moment, although I feel decidedly ‘rusty’ with regards to going through all the hoops again, it is only eighteen months out of our lives after all – say it quickly and it doesn’t seem so bad, but having said that, I’m surely not the only person that feels the need to be re-booted?

I’m excited at the anticipation of what the next few months will bring, including Summer School at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire in August, and more exhibitions in the offing and of course more new work to create.

So do watch this space – things will either happen, or not, or should I say things will inevitably happen, I just don’t know exactly what at the moment.

Another chapter from ‘The War of Words’ by Stephen Cartmell follows now, so sit back and enjoy, until next time.

                                   Jackie Devereux

Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture

The Fight on the Beach by Stephen Cartmell

'Call for the army!’
Two Generals declared,
With voices, loud and quite haughty,
‘We think it is best,
To take a short rest,
As to fight on a Sunday is naughty.’

When Monday arrived,
They all marched to the beach,
Happy to restart the battle,
They met on the sand,
So they’d keep off the land
Of a herd of frisky young cattle.

Then the fat referee,
Who you last met at sea,
Looked at each army and said,
‘Make your tanks ready,
And keep your aim steady,
I don’t want to be late in my bed.’

With these words of command,
The tanks opened fire,
And not one gun missed its mark.
With so much black smoke,
They all started to choke,
And the sky became scary and dark.

In a minute or two,
The sun broke right through,
And the sight was a shock, you’d agree,
For both armies cried,
As in came the tide,
And floated their tanks out to sea.

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